These People Tweet About Everyday Life That Are So True They Hurt

Life is all about good and bad things and some things that happen are awesome and some that hurt a lot that makes you say “Why me!” And where can you find these references to life, apart from the place that trolls everything through its tweets with people who regularly tweet about these incidents and also make you feel sorry, sad and hurt all together! Now, what would be your reaction if you see a cake on the floor on a day when there wasn’t even a birthday? You would cry and feel dead from inside like why the hell was such an awesome thing wasted.

Here, we discuss these instances of everyday life that are so true that it will hurt you:

1. Basically Impossible.


Not only because there’s no way that thing is being turned around, but it’s also true because Austin continues to try so hard no matter how bad he fails if you can relate to this you know…

2. The real reason people are nervous as hell on their first date.

tweet life hurt


Well, Trump won’t let you leave is a different issue.

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